The Garden at Oswegatchie School is a sustainable organic garden where children get a hands on experience learning where their food comes from while developing an appreciation and respect for nature. The Garden will be a learning center to teach gardening as well as incorporating art, music, literature, math and science. It is a place where children are encouraged to join in and participate in the process of creating, developing and maintaining the garden!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Found Treasures!

Praying mantis egg case!

While cleaning out the garden today we found three praying mantis egg cases! The children were very excited to see these treasures and quickly pointed out that the praying mantis is Connecticut's state insect. More information about the praying mantis can be found here. In order for the egg cases to hatch the temperate needs to be at least 70 degrees for 2-3 weeks. It can take up to 8 weeks for them to hatch depending on when the mother laid the eggs. Hopefully we will be able to see some of the babies when they hatch.

Second case found in the daisies.

Third case found in the perennial oregano.
It was a beautiful day to clean out the garden beds. The children were very eager to get to work. They worked really well together and accomplished quite a bit. They cleaned out all of the raised beds and four of the ground beds. We will be direct sowing many varieties over the next couple of weeks.

There is lots of new growth throughout the garden. Many of the perennials are coming back strong, as well as some "volunteers".

Volunteer lettuce

Lilac starting to bud.
The children were very engaged with their "discoveries". They found lots of juicy worms making the soil healthy.


Last week the children created paper seed disks to give to the students in their classes for Earth Day (April 22) We "tested" a disk to make sure it would sprout and were very pleased with the results!

Sprouting Earth!

We added a planting instruction tag to the disks before the children handed them out.

Next week is school vacation week so we won't be having a formal club. If we decide to have a work party over the break, I will let the club members know.

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