The Garden at Oswegatchie School is a sustainable organic garden where children get a hands on experience learning where their food comes from while developing an appreciation and respect for nature. The Garden will be a learning center to teach gardening as well as incorporating art, music, literature, math and science. It is a place where children are encouraged to join in and participate in the process of creating, developing and maintaining the garden!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Chilly Work Day

Cleaning out the beds.

Today started out clear and sunny. I thought it would be the perfect day to get some work done in the Garden. By the time school let out and it was time for Garden Club, the sky became overcast and  a cool breeze kicked up. The less than perfect weather didn't stop our dedicated students from jumping in and getting their hands dirty to get the work done. 

The first task at hand was to get the beds ready for planting. The students removed old growth and got rid of any hearty weeds that started to make an appearance.

With lots of teamwork the tasks were completed in a short time and they were able to move on to planting.

Removing the seeds from a sunflower we saved from last year.

Testing out Rob's new macro lens. This is a close up the the sunflower seeds.

Once the seeds were removed we planted them in the Garden.

The cool weather is ideal for planting the Giant Swiss Snow Peas and Maxiegolt heirloom shelling peas.

"Grow good little seed!"

Working together planting with good intentions. 
Using the seeds we saved from last year's pumpkin and squash harvest we planted soil blocks to be germinated in the grow station inside the school library. 

Jack Straw Pumpkins

Musque de Province squash

Ready for the grow station.
The Garden is rapidly turning in to a diverse habitat for many creatures. We have birds building nests again in the four bird houses the children built 2 years ago. The praying mantis egg cases are ready and waiting to hatch. Bees and butterflies are abundant in the warm months. Today Rob spied a Mourning Dove scoping out the perennial flower bed. Hopefully it will choose a different spot to make its nest.

Mourning Dove
With Rob's new macro lens, we are getting some very interesting shots which will serve as learning tools for us to use with the children.

Volunteer violet.

Extreme close up of an earth worm.

Make a wish on the dandelion puff!
We put in a raspberry patch and strawberries will be coming in May. Lettuce and kale were sown directly into the raised beds and we will transplant the seedling the students started after they have been hardened off. We also added lavender, bee balm and anise hysop to the perennial herb bed.

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