The Garden at Oswegatchie School is a sustainable organic garden where children get a hands on experience learning where their food comes from while developing an appreciation and respect for nature. The Garden will be a learning center to teach gardening as well as incorporating art, music, literature, math and science. It is a place where children are encouraged to join in and participate in the process of creating, developing and maintaining the garden!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mother Nature Helps Out

Peppers are starting to form!

Mother Nature has been very generous with the rain so far this season. We haven't had to use the hose that often. Tonight we were contemplating running over and giving the Garden a drink when the skies opened up and dropped a quick inch and one half of rain down. It's nice to not have to schlep over there so often to water. 

We are having a Garden Work Party on Saturday June 18 from 9-11 am. If you are in the area and don't mind getting dirty, come on over and help yank a few weeds. Remember sunscreen and water as the Garden is in full sun and gets HOT quick!  A garden-related craft will be offered to those children who come and work. We just need advance notice if you plan on attending so we can have enough supplies on hand.

Tomatoes enjoying the heat

Last week we sent a basket of veggies over to the Dwyer family. We were able to supply them with over 12 pounds of veggies including zucchini, snap peas, lettuce and basil. As soon as more veggies mature we will send them over as well. We should have a decent crop of tomatoes, squash, beans, potatoes, and cucumbers. 

the first of the cucumbers are popping out

zucchini still flowering, should have another batch soon.


plum tomato

sequoia bean (love the purple  color)

potatoes getting ready to flower

full bed of cukes (plus a couple volunteer tomatoes from last year)

Having the children build the bird houses last year was a better idea than we thought. This year the birds that live in them are taking care of all the (bad) bugs. Last month we saw a couple of squash bugs on the zucchini. Based on the amount of bird droppings around the plant boxes we are guessing the birds have been swooping in and taking care of the problem. We haven't seen any squash bugs at all lately. 

By companion planting and building a naturally occurring ecosystem into your garden design, organic gardening works almost effortlessly. We continue to see lots of pollinators (have yet to capture the hummingbirds on film) and beneficial insects. 

Harvestman (Daddy long legs)

running away

love, love, love the bees!
Stay tuned for more updates and progress pictures.