The Garden at Oswegatchie School is a sustainable organic garden where children get a hands on experience learning where their food comes from while developing an appreciation and respect for nature. The Garden will be a learning center to teach gardening as well as incorporating art, music, literature, math and science. It is a place where children are encouraged to join in and participate in the process of creating, developing and maintaining the garden!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to The Garden at Oswegatchie School!

Welcome to The Garden at Oswegatchie School!

 We invite you to follow along on our journey as we create a garden at our school. 
This project has been a dream of ours for a very long time and now that we have the approval to move forward we are jumping in with both feet! Our plan for this garden is for it to be an oasis where children and adults can nourish their bodies, minds, spirits and imaginations! We have some very exciting and innovative plans drawn up and and are excited to share them with the public. If all goes well we will begin ground breaking soon with the first plantings going in by Mother's Day.

The proposed location has been measured and the garden layout has been drawn up.

We received a generous donation of ORGANIC seeds from Peaceful Valley Farms and when break is over we will begin distributing "kits" to teachers so every student can take part in starting a seedling to go in to the garden.

Kits include mini greenhouse, soil blocks, seed packets, plant mister and instructions.

Teachers can choose from a wide variety of organic vegetables and herbs.


  1. This is so exciting! I'm so happy that you got approval and are moving forward with the plans. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks! We are really excited about this project!