The Garden at Oswegatchie School is a sustainable organic garden where children get a hands on experience learning where their food comes from while developing an appreciation and respect for nature. The Garden will be a learning center to teach gardening as well as incorporating art, music, literature, math and science. It is a place where children are encouraged to join in and participate in the process of creating, developing and maintaining the garden!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Involve Me and I Learn

Excitement is growing along with the sprouts. Two more staff kits were ordered. Thank you Ms. Messina and Mrs. Houlihan! 

This week Mrs. DeLea's class brainstormed what plants need to grow and thrive.They weren't very far off. It made me smile to see that they decided plants need love and worms. Both very important, but not the point of the exercise. :) 

They also got to plant their seeds. We can't thank you enough Peaceful Valley Farm.

I am thrilled to report that Ms. Edward's class is made up of green thumbs! They have been taking such good care of the plants that this week they were ready to be "blocked up". 

Thyme and cucumbers ready for bigger blocks.

Ms. Edwards demonstrating how to tuck the soil blocks into the bigger ones.

Gently easing the thyme apart getting it ready for transplant.

Transplanting the cucumbers.

It is  very exciting to see the children involved in every aspect of this garden. There is almost a buzz in the air as I walk down the halls and hear them talking about their seeds sprouting and the garden project.The next step is for the children to build the planter boxes. Rob custom designed the boxes as  kits for the children to put  together themselves like Lincoln Logs. The excitement on the kid's faces when they hear they get to do the actually building is priceless. Our philosophy is if the children are involved every step of the way, they will take ownership of the project and get the best learning experience from it. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."
 The date for that to happen is May 4th. Blog post to follow.

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